Кто я?

Nikolaj Sarry
Team Lead 1С-Рарус Харьков (ТМ ТЕЛЛУР) | Teacher of PHP Course at EasyCode IT School

I have 4 years experience as a backend PHP developer.

During this years:
- 1 year expirience in developing and supporting web-applications on different custom CMS and building business-card sites;
- 1 year expirience with WordPress and yii-framework 1.1;
- 2 years supporting and developing eCommerce web-sites on 1C-Bitrix and integrate them with 1C system.

Currently I'm develop and support web-sites on 1C-Bitrix CMS and cloud or box Bitrix24. Administer Bitrix VM for our company and our clients. I'm certified Bitrix Framework developer.

With 1C-Bitrix i have experice with:
- customizing templates;
- integration with 1C:Enterprise;
- creating custom handlers for public and administration parts;

With Bitrix24 i have experience with:
- cron-synchronyzing bills from box version of Bitrix24 via xml or csv file;
- cron-synchronyzing working time each month;
- custom reports via Bitrix API for different CRM data (lids, propositions, contacts, companies, deals, bills).

Also i have good algorithm base and math knowledge.
I'm motivated, self-sufficient, devoted to the work and striving to self-improvement.
My goal is work on really useful projects.


Teaching PHP, WordPress, Yii2, 1C-Bitrix basics

PHP Course Teacher in IT-school EasyCode
August 2016 - Present

Team Lead 1С-Рарус Харьков (ТМ ТЕЛЛУР)
May 2016 - Present

Managing remote development team (~ 5 people) which working on developing and supporting projects on the 1C-Bitrix platform.

Implementation of 1C-Bitrix, Bitrix24 to the small and medium-sized businesses.
Carrying out presentations of products to potential customers.
Preparing a commercial offer.
Preparing the technical task / technical documentation for the project.
Conducting customer training for working with the products of 1C-Bitrix.
Selection of performers for the execution of project work/ tasks.

Middle PHP Developer (Bitrix Framework) 1С-Рарус Харьков (ТМ ТЕЛЛУР)
December 2014 - May 2016

Supporting and develop e-commerce sites and portals on 1C-Bitrix and 1C-Bitrix24. Providing integration between 1C:Enterprise and 1C-Bitrix1C-Bitrix24, configuring servers, configuring Bitrix Virtual Appliance.

E-commerce site for company VELENA.
Development work.
1) Modifications in news, catalog, basket, order components.
2) Different price for each groups.
3) Integration with social networks.
4) Integration with 1C:Enterprise.
5) Accessibility on some pages by user group.

E-commerce site http://feofil.com.ua
1) Modifications in menu, catalog components and vote.
2) Fixing bugs.

E-commerce site http://chasmaistriv.com.ua
Re-building parts of site.
1) Re-development in catalog and filter components.
2) Browsing books by slogan.
3) Integration with 1C:Enterprise.
4) Fixing bugs.

E-commerce site http://otkrytka.ua
Supporting project.
1) Fixing integration errors.
2) Fixing bugs.

Supporting works.
1) Configuring BitrixVirtualAppliance.
2) Integration with 1C:Enterprise
3) Fixing catalog bug.



PHP, Bitrix, Web Development, eCommerce


Yii2, WordPress, Html, Html5, JS, jQuery, jQueryUI, CSS, MySQL, PostreSQL, Apache, Nginx, xDebug


Design patterns, MVC, OOP, Git, GitLab, GitHub

Soft Skills

Communications, Courtesy, Flexibility, Integrity, Interpersonal skills, Professionalism, Responsibility, Teamwork, Work ethic, Enthusiastic, Encouraging, Confident, Problem solving, Leadership, Conflict Resolution


Playing at basketball team. Learning C# and PHP.

Donetsk State Institute of Artificial Intelligence (2007-2013)
Master’s Degree, Artificial Intelligence Systems